Fresh Therapeutics Compounding Pharmacy

The Bondi Healthcare floor has a co-operative approach with mutually supportive practices. In this context, Fresh Therapeutics aims to deliver a "fresh" approach to pharmacy services - combining contemporary pharmacy practice including medication review, patient information and consultation with traditional compounding services providing customised medications and dosage forms.

Fresh Therapeutics Pharmacy and Compounding Chemist are compounding chemists and online pharmacists,  specialising in Bio-identical Hormone Therapies, Dermatological Preparations, Paediatric Formulations, Vitamins and Supplements and other Customised Preparations.

As compounding chemists, Fresh Therapeutics prepare private prescription, personalised medicine - extemporaneous preparations meeting specific patient needs. From individual ingredients and components, Fresh Therapeutics make capsules, creams, gels, linguettes, lollipops, mixtures, pessaries, troches, sublingual drops and suppositories.

For example, your doctor may prescribe:
  • drugs no longer available in Australia
  • medicines without a particular preservative
  • new dosage forms and modified dosages using commercially available medications.
  • customised medications not commercially available
  • the addition of flavours to improve palatability
To order, simply drop in, call, fax or email us (and send the original prescription by Reply Paid post):
Phone: 02 92 816 816
Fax: 02 92 816 862
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Fresh Therapeutics
Compounding Pharmacy
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Bondi 2007
In Sydney, our pharmacies are located at:
M102 Bondi Healthcare
Level 1 Bondi Shopping Centre
1 Bay Street
Bondi NSW 2007
Bondi Junction
6015 Bondi Healthcare
Level 6 Westfield Bondi Junction
500 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
3102 Blacktown Healthcare
Level 3 Westpoint Blacktown
17 Patrick St
Blacktown NSW 2148

Practice Hours - Open 7 Days

Mon to Wed & Fri Thu Sat Sun
8.30am-7pm 8.30am-9pm 9am-6pm 10am-6pm

Contact Details

Address Phone Fax Email
Level 6  Westfield Bondi Junction 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
9389 3168 9389 5166
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